Light Dispatch Position - LDP 5

The Light Dispatch Position (LDP) is a software application developed for a Tetrapol radio system. The software cooperates with CC-API server and it is designed for the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. It enhances the standard behavior of Tetrapol terminals with additional features available on ordinary personal computers. 

The application can be run on a local or remote PC.


The LDP hardware includes an audio switch 1RS1200 with a crossing and interfacing function, an audio console 1AC1200 with audio accessories and a personal computer.
Audio Switch 1RS1200

The heart of the LDP is the audio switch 1RS1200 with speech crossing function and interfacing of the external lines. The audio switch is a compact wall-mounted metallic box that can accommodate one line-connected or one radio-connected Tetrapol transceiver. The Tetrapol transceiver can be easily exchanged with another at a dedicated place inside the audio switch. Levels of all audio signals are adjustable to meet the end user needs.

Main characteristics:
- up to three audio consoles
- choice between 4 types of the Tetrapol transceivers: BER, BER Wideband, BER4M, LCT 2G
- 2 audio recordings for PC and external recording machine
- 1 audio input for PC
- 1 serial communication port for PC
- 1 data output for external recording machine
- 3 inputs for PTT

Audio Console 1AC1200H

The audio console is a desktop metallic box with leaned front panel. On the front panel, there is a goose-neck microphone, a loudspeaker, a handset, indicators, as well as a PTT (Push To Talk) button and a volume adjustment button. The console is ready to be embedded into the desk depending on the customer’s choice. The operator can talk using the goose-neck microphone or the handset or external headset. Use of the handset is indicated by a LED. Other LEDs are dedicated to PTT, Power-On and outspeaker-On information. Up to three 1AC1200 consoles can be connected to the 1RS1200 switch at the same time. When one of the consoles activates the PTT button, the others are temporarily banned. The cable length to the audio switch is up to 15 meters. Using external power supply it can be extended to 100 meters.


Application allows the dispatcher simply and quickly manage all types of voice and data traffic on the Sitno network. Functions in LDP are set up into tabs to provide maximum efficiency . 
In the main window there are available all important controls for controlling the operation and rapid change of the active communication. Dispatcher has an instant access to the list of recent communications and data messages (SMS, KTC...), which were carried out in the current day. On the left there is a picture menu for quick access to other functions, such as buttons for making an individual call, buttons to enter a talk group or a scan, or a configuration.


Light Dispatch Position (LDP)

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