Audio Recorder & Terminal Interface - ARTI

Audio Recorder & Terminal Interface – ARTI
represents a comprehensive solution for communication recording and extends the usability of vehicle terminal functions. ARTI as an Audio Recorder can be used to record all types of communications of vehicle terminals, group and individual calls, even those that are not recorded on the dispatch positions. On positions where more than one vehicle terminals are used, such as dispatch positions for example, it is possible to use the recording software RecoRT4 to record calls from one up to four terminals with ARTI devices. Call records are stored either in the built-in Micro SD card or computer by using recording software RecoRT4 or other recording equipment such as REDAT. Due to its versatility ARTI can be used as recording device not only in TETRAPOL standard network.
                                                                                                                 Main functions:
  • Recording communications from vehicle terminals
  • Interface for a hidden vehicle terminal
  • Simple software for recording
  • Record transfer to REDAT
  • Sending of statuses
  • Sending of position

Main functions of ARTI:
Communication Storing voice communication records
- Individual call - Storing on build-in Micro SD card (>6 months)
- Multi-party call - Saving to PC with Reco RT4 software
- Group communications - Audio output and identification for REDAT
- Open channel MOCH  
- Emergency open channel EMOCH External O/I
- Broadcast call 5 digital outputs / inputs for external buttons, etc.
  - PTT notification
Voice communication recording - Placing emergency call
- Complete voice communication recording
(RFSI, Identification, Callsign)
- Push To Talk
- Communication playback (Merging records) - Terminating communication
- Sorting - Sending of messages
- Automatic deletion of old records - Sending of statuses
- DowARTI – operating software  
- RecoRT4 – recording software for one up to four vehicle          terminals with ARTI devices  

ARTI as a Terminal Interface is compatible with Control Head control panel as well as with older model CCP. Through 5 digital outputs/inputs it is possible connect to ARTI expansion interfaces such as external buttons for push to talk, sending short messages or sending statuses. Moreover serial port supports connection of GPS receiver for vehicle positioning for AVL systems. ARTI as an interface is suitable not only for hidden vehicle radio terminals.

Technical parameters:

Interfaces   Audio link  
 Power supply:  from RT / USB port  Audio signal:  symmetric
 Serial port RS-232:  2 x D-SUB9  Output impedance:  600Ω
 Serial port RS-422:  1 x Mini-DIN8  Distance:  >100m
 External audio input:  Jack 3,5 mm    
 Control Head / CCP:  D-SUB25 Computer minimal
 BER:   D-SUB25  Operating system:  Windows XP SP3 /  7 / 8
Connector for ext. interface:  D-SUB15  RAM:  512MB
 USB port:   USB typ B  Processor:  Single-core, 1,8GHz
 Input for ext. microphone:  Jack 3,5mm  Ports:  USB, (RS-232)
     Other:  Sound card
TETRAPOL platform      
System software: V35.07,V35.08 Dimensions and attachment  
Applicable terminals: BER1G, BER WB, BER 4M  Length x Width x Height: 167x169x55 mm
Control panel: Control Head, CCP Weight: 815 g
    Attachment: with four screws


Audio Recorder & Terminal Interface - ARTI



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